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Have you been staring at the same wall colour in your home all year?

I have been noticing more and more people looking to change up their paint colours in their homes. It is a fairly simple way to make a drastic change in your space. Whether you are going from warm tones to cool tones, neutrals to colours, there are many things that you should keep in mind when selecting the right paint and colour!

There are MANY colours to choose from. Walking into a paint store and seeing the wall of colours can be daunting! However, there are ways to narrow your search to make things less overwhelming. Many aspects come into play when it comes to picking the right undertones, saturation, hue etc. While looking at paints, think back to the trusty colour wheel. We have monochromatic (tints and shades of the same colour), analogous (adjacent colours on the wheel) and my personal favourite, complementary (opposites of the colour wheel).

Ultimately, the paint colour you choose is up to you and how you want your space to feel.

Are you after impact or tranquility? Typically for a bedroom, ensuite bathroom, dining room, we are looking at more neutral, softer colours. Especially in the bedroom, a loud colour could potentially disrupt your sleep. Take a look at light green or blue, to create a zen space that allows for relaxation, shades of pink to lift your spirits, classic white provides clarity and allows your bedspread to act as the accent, or warm grey to create a sophisticated and soothing space.

Save your bold colours for a family room, rec room, powder room or even laundry room.

Consider adding a dynamic wallcovering to act as your accent wall if you are really feeling adventurous!

“I want to paint my room white.” This is a fun one! You might think white would be easy until you wander into the paint store and see the white paint selection. My biggest tip for you is to grab a piece of bright white printer paper and place your white paint chips against it. By doing this, you will be able to see the undertones more clearly. If you are looking for some classic neutral whites, my go tos are Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace or Decorators White as well as Sherwin Williams Pure White.

Don’t forget about how lighting and time of day affect your paint selection. I always recommend getting some larger sample chips of the paints you are considering and taping them up in your room. A colour you might love at noon on a sunny day, might not be what you're looking for on a gloomy afternoon.

Not only do we need to look at the colour of the paint, but we also need to select your finish! A more glossy paint finish will look best on smooth, clean surfaces. This paint finish is not very forgiving and any imperfections you might have will become very obvious. Flat and matte walls might be more difficult to clean. If you have dogs that enjoy shaking their muddy fur or kids who are practising their handstands against your white walls, I would advise you to choose a satin finish. An eggshell finish It is the perfect middle ground between shiny and matte. I typically recommend eggshell for low traffic areas and satin for higher traffic areas.

Need a bit more help? Send us an email to set up a colour consultation for your home! Happy Painting!

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